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The Fifth Sunday of Easter

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Hope Lutheran Church

The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod

1009 North State Street, Jerseyville, IL 62052

(618) 498-3423

Pastor Brett Simek


April 29, 2018

Fifth Sunday of Easter

Hope’s Calendar

Today, April 29 8:15 a.m. Bible Class

8:30 a.m. Sunday School

9:30 a.m. Divine Service

11:00 a.m. Elders Meeting

5:00 p.m. Adult Instruction

6:00 p.m. Youth Catechesis

Wednesday, May 3 9:30 a.m. Sunshine Circle

11:00 a.m. Bible Class

Sunday, May 6 8:15 a.m. Bible Class

8:30 a.m. Sunday School

9:30 a.m. Divine Service

11:00 a.m. Council Meeting

5:00 p.m. Adult Instruction

6:00 p.m. Youth Catechesis


April 30 Emily Towell

May 1 Jean Pinkard

May 1 Ella Roberts

May 4 Judy White


April 29 Tim & Sharon Butler

Receiving the Lord’s Gifts Last Week

Divine Service 67 Communion 54

Sunday School 0 Bible Class 6/7


Bible Class This week Bible Class will meet on Sunday and Wednesday at 11 a.m. We continue Bible 101 with Genesis 20 continuing the story of Abraham.

Adult Instruction continues Sundays at 5 p.m. This is a basic introduction to what we believe as Lutherans. It is open to all who would like to attend.

The Ascension of our Lord will be observed on Wednesday, May 9th at

7p.m. There will be a supper served prior to service at 6 p.m.

Pastor and Nicole are looking for someone to watch Joel and Elijah at the Simek home during Higher Things conference season. Help is needed Monday through Thursday from 8am-12:30pm for July 9-12, 23-26, and July 30- August 2. This would be a paid position. If you are interested, please speak with Pastor or Nicole. Thanks

Silent auction donation baskets are out in the narthex. Please take a look at them and follow the directions listed above the basket board. If you have your own idea for a basket please fill out a slip at the table. Our next silent auction meeting will be Tuesday, May 15th @ 6:00p.m

Thank You to Jamie Green for making, April’s birthday cake. If you would like to donate $20 for the cake please let Jamie or Pastor know.

Help Wanted

Saint Paul Lutheran Church

The Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod

Established April 12,1916 + 1327 Vaughn Road, Wood River, Illinois 62095 + (618)259-0257

Rev. Dr. George Gude, Vacancy Pastor

At the End of this Preschool Year our PreSchool teacher, Miss Peggy will be retiring. We are in the process of taking applications for a part-time teacher to begin this fall. If you would be interested in this position, you may send your resume to:

St. Paul Lutheran PreSchool, c/o Tammy Plummer, 1327 Vaughn Road, Wood River, IL 62095

Pastor Simek will be out of town from Wednesday May2nd until Saturday evening May 5th. If you are in need of emergency pastoral care please contact Pastor Speckhard at (219) 508-6043


Christian Day at the Ball Park
Presented By Thrivent Financial
Tickets are $16 for Right Field Terrace

Join us for Christian Day at the Ballpark presented by Thrivent Financial on Sunday, June 3rd at 1:15 p.m. when the Cardinals face the Pirates! This year’s featured post-game speaker is fan-favorite Cardinals Hall of Famer Willie McGee – long-time outfielder, former NL MVP, and member of the 1982 World Series Champion Cardinals. Current Cardinals players and Manager Mike Matheny will also participate in the post-game program.

We Would Like to purchase tickets A.S.A.P. please contact Joan Brown if you are interested.

Helping in the Lord’s House

Sunday, April 29

Music: Erinn Hileman

Ushers: Rick Angel, Kris McGuire, Eric Trisler, Tim Van Hoveln

Acolyte: Luke Smith

Sunday, May 6

Music: Trislers

Ushers: Rick Angel, Jim Manns, Nathan Martin

Acolyte: Matthew Baecht

Wednesday, May 9

Music: CD’s

Acolyte: Ava Roberts

Serving In April

Lead Elder: Jim Sharich Assisting Elder: Tim Van Hoveln

Altar Guild: Bob and Carol Skibbe, Chloe White
Serving In April

Lead Elder: Dave Jacobs Assisting Elder: Tim Van Hoveln

Altar Guild: Ed & Deb Basham Emily Strubberg

Offering April 8
Sunday School 0.00
Plate 169.00
Envelope 1870.00
Total 2039.00
Needed Each Week 2264.78
Debt Fund 0.00
Improvements 0.00
Building Fund Accumulative Total 971.36

In Our Prayers this Week

For all the members of Hope and their families especially:

James & Leslie Franklin Ellie, Johanna
Marvin Frazer

For those needing long term care in nursing homes or at home:

Doloris Burnett, Barb Young, Doris Sibley, J.D. Lyming

For those who are sick, injured, or in any need:

Nancy Green; Elke Monroe; John Ficker; Sue Bousselot (Pr. Jacobsen’s sister); Lindly Assar; Elaine Jilek (cancer); Donna DeWitt (niece of White’s-breast cancer); Khloee Hall (patience & continued healing); Edna Woolsey; Karen Holt (friend of Susy Pohlman-brain cancer); Nicole Lewis; Mike Perkinson; Toni Darr; Carl Crawford; Norma Anderson (ongoing dialysis); Mark Schlieper (Susy’s nephew-cancer); George Hinson; Annetta Walsh (Doloris Burnett’s daughter-cancer treatments); Colby Merritt (Healing of his eye); Russell Wilson (friend of Marvin Frazer-cancer); Morgan (Merritt) Johnson (Judy White’s granddaughter); Paige Elledge (Pointers’ granddaughter-kidney trouble); J.D. Lyming; Stephen Ficker (cancer); Leroy Stiles (continued recovery); Tate & Jen Schmidt (Expecting a baby in July. Tate has a muscle disease giving their baby a 50/50 chance. Prayer for the baby’s health); Susy Pohlman (heart surgery on 4/2); Dick Zumwalt (leukemia); Paula Wieneke (friend of the Baecht’s- liver/kidney trouble); Darlene Gowin (shoulder injury); Angie Sharich (back surgery on 4/5); Merle Lemon (Cancer)

For expectant mothers and their families, especially:

Erika Speckhard, Megan Zilm, Katie Angel, Jen Schmidt, Nichole Lewis Laura Hemmer

Lord, in your mercy, hear our prayers.

Submitting Prayer Request

To submit a prayer request, please do one of the following:

Write it on a yellow prayer request car ( found in each pew)

The request card may be given to an Usher, Pastor, or left on the

Secretary’s desk.

Call the church office (618)498-3423

Email it to

Please note: Prayers for ‘ill/recovering’ are listed for three weekends (unless specifically requested otherwise). If, at that time you would like your request to remain on the list, simply resubmit it. Thank you

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